driving fear program reviews

Driving Fear Program Reviews

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Most of the Driving Fear Program reviews are positive, as it gives you the ability to drive without being bogged down by anxiety and fear. Being able to operate a motor vehicle without fear makes you a safer driver, and if you’ve always been concerned about getting behind the wheel, it could be a program for you to consider.

In order to decide whether it’s the type of program recommended for everyone, we’ve collected all of the most important information to help you make your decision.

About the Authors

Developed by Rich Presta and Dr. Cheryl Lane, the Driving Fear Program was created for the everyday driver who may have an intense fear of driving. Instead of basing the program off general tips and tricks, he himself had dealt with fear and anxiety when driving.

After meeting with a clinical psychologist (Dr. Cheryl Lane) who inevitably diagnosed him with a phobia of driving, they developed a program to help others in a similar situation.

Over the years, Presta began to do more research into how other drivers could conquer their fears and be able to safely drive without having to spend money on cabs or rely on friends and families.

This is what makes it one of the better anti-anxiety driving programs that you’ll find, as someone with real-world experience has developed it. Also, the program bases its roots in human psychology as well as personal experience.

Who Is the Driving Fear Program For?

By now, you can likely tell that the entire program is developed for people who have always had issues with driving confidently and comfortably. However, it goes much deeper than that and focuses on the deep-rooted anxieties and fears associated with getting behind the wheel.

With a highly scientific approach to driving, you’ll be able to analyze yourself and your fears to determine what your triggers are so that you can finally drive. What makes the Driving Fear Program interesting is that it doesn’t just tell you that you have anxiety and that you need to get over it.

With this program, you’ll be able to understand how anxiety works in the human brain as well as professional and tested tricks to stop it from overwhelming you when you get into a car. It’s a very detailed program that requires a lot of dedication to use to its fullest potential.

Everyone will be able to benefit from the program, regardless of if you’ve been in an accident in the past or if you have simply never had the desire to drive. It’s an all-inclusive platform that will help you to become a better driver once you’ve worked through your fears.

An Overview of the Program

There are three key areas that are targeted in the program: dealing with fear attacks when driving, dealing with panic attacks while driving, and facing anxiety. All of the theories in the program revolve around how your brain works, and you will be presented with logical concepts to help you understand why you’re anxious. After working through the tutorials and tasks, you’ll be able to essentially reprogram yourself so that you are fearless.

In addition to the three targeted areas, there are also five subsections that you will venture through.

1. Driving Fear Manual

This is the manual that will introduce you to the program and help you to understand where your fears could be stemming from.

2. Fast Lane Audio Session

Designed to be played in your vehicle when you’re driving alone or traveling on the freeway, it is filled with calming information and soothing tips to keep you alert yet serene when behind the wheel.

3. The SAFE Series

As another audio portion to the program, the Subliminal Auditory Fear Elimination series is said to assist you with relaxing to help you get over your fears. This is another part of the program that you can listen to in an audio format while you’re driving.

4. Anxiety Helix

This generalized guide can help you work through your panic attacks and anxiety attacks in a healthy manner. You’ll appreciate all of the in-depth knowledge about how your panic attacks work and how to counter them before they start.

5. Complete Overdrive System

In this part of the program, you’ll be exposed to recorded pieces of audio by professional mental health therapists to give you more information as well as affirmation. This is by far one of the most notable parts of the entire experience, as it helps to reassure you.

Drivers dealing with their personal fears that are interested in the program will be able to choose between the print and CD versions.

The Program’s Targeted Areas

Most drivers don’t realize the inconveniences of being unable to drive because of deep-rooted fears, as many don’t have anxiety. With that said, you’ll be surprised to learn all of the ways this program can help you to live a more independent life.

From traveling with family to being able to get to work in the morning, there are multiple areas the Driving Fear Program targets.

Strengthening Relationships

Do you find that you are losing touch with friends and family because you always expect them to drive to come to see you? This program will help you to establish your independence so that you can visit your loved ones whenever possible.

Avoiding Health Concerns

There are plenty of health issues that will arise as a result of constant driving anxiety, including increased heart rate and palpitations. If you find this program to be successful, you’ll be able to avoid plenty of health problems stemming from your anxiety.

Furthering Careers

Especially as you work your way into upper management, access to a vehicle is a necessity for going to client meetings and even getting to work in the morning. If you’re able to quash your fears of driving, you can easily accept new promotions or consider a career change to an area that might be outside of reach by municipal buses.

Saving Money

Even though taking a taxi or a bus every day can be a convenience for people with the inability to drive, it can become incredibly expensive over the long run. Many people can spend upwards of $50 per day to get to and from work. When you can drive, it’s less of a daily cost for transportation.

Having Control

By far, the most important area targeted by the program is giving you the ability to be in control of your life again. You’ll have far more peace and confidence when behind the wheel, as well as the ability to be a great role model for your children. Not to mention, your independence will skyrocket because you can transport yourself everywhere.

Improving Vacations

It’s likely if you’re concerned about driving, you aren’t interested in road trips or family vacations. If this program winds up being the solution to your driving phobia, you’ll be able to take less expensive trips with the family at any point in time.

driving fear program reviews

The Pros and Cons of the Driving Fear Program

Now that you have a clear idea of what you’ll be faced with when you opt to use this program to your advantage, it’s important to consider its pros and cons. As with any program, there are plenty of benefits that you’ll experience, but it might also not be for everyone.


  • Dedicated Program

Instead of relying on a traditional anxiety-reducing program, this one is specifically designed to target people who have a fear of driving. This gives you the attention to detail you need in order to work on your phobia instead of focusing on generalized anxiety as a whole.

All of the material within the pages or the CD will be purposefully designed for your specific fears.

  • In-Home Assistance

There are multiple places where you can go through the program, whether it’s in your vehicle or the comfort of your own home. As there are two platforms for you to use, you can choose whichever is best suited to your personal situation.

The material will be delivered in a way that is best for you so that you can use it to its fullest potential.

  • Positive Reviews and Testimonials

Once you start looking into the program, it’s highly recommended you take Driving Fear Program reviews into account, as this will give you a clear idea as to whether it works or not.

There are plenty of positive reviews from people who have used the program to get over their fears of driving in the past, which is good news. However, if you find that your anxiety is too severe for an at-home program, it’s recommended you seek advice from a local mental health professional.

  • Multiple Resources

When you opt for the base price for the program, you’ll be getting a lot of information, especially when compared to other anxiety-reducing programs. The resources you’ll receive include:

  1. The basic manual
  2. Driving Fear audio program
  3. Anxiety Helix report
  4. Meditation methods and tips when driving
  5. Change Your Mind program
  6. Change Your Life program
  7. Stress-Less Living program
  8. Law of Attraction
  9. Personal support
  10. 100% money-back guarantee
  • Step-By-Step Support

If you’re someone who is looking for information to be relayed in the simplest way possible, this is one of the best programs to rely on in order to stop your driving anxiety.

Instead of making it a guide that is difficult to understand and work through, it’s relayed in a step-by-step manner. This will help you to know what steps are necessary at what point of your process and to be able to plan in advance.

  • Affordability

Depending on your personal financial situation, you might find that the pricing for the program is affordable or not. However, when compared to traditional visits to a psychiatrist, it is a fraction of the cost.

With the added benefit of the money-back guarantee, you have very little to lose if it doesn’t end up being the perfect solution for you.


Before you decide to sign up for this program, it is important also to consider the downfalls, as it might not be the perfect solution for everyone. Some of the most notable disadvantages to the Driving Fear Program include:

  • Large Time Commitment

As there are many different sections you will have to work through with this program, you can guarantee it’s going to take up a lot of your time. Many people who have gone through the process noticed that unless you are fully committed, you’ll never be able to use it to its fullest potential. Not only is there a lot of reading involved, but plenty of in-world immersion practices as well.

When you work through the steps, you’ll begin to realize a lot about yourself and your anxieties, which can be overwhelming but also fulfilling. You will need to remind yourself that this process is likely going to be difficult, but it is achievable with the right level of commitment.

  • Effectiveness

You’re likely to find plenty of reviews for the Driving Fear Program that are positive, but as with any anxiety prevention program, it’s difficult to know whether it’s right for you or not. As there is a relatively hefty cost associated with the program, you might want to take advantage of the money-back guarantee in the event that it doesn’t work for you.

There are plenty of people in the world who suffer from varying forms of anxiety, and in many instances, it’s something that can only be treated by regular visits to a mental health professional.

In many cases, you may even find that medication is the only option for you to conquer your illness. With that said, it’s highly recommended you seek professional counsel before investing in the program.

  • Specifically for Driving Phobias

The Driving Fear Program isn’t designed for every type of phobia that you might be living with, which leads back to the original point of talking to a trained professional if you think your anxiety is impacting your everyday life.

Unfortunately, it is not an all-in-one solution for any type of fear or anxiety, as it’s designed specifically for people who fear driving.

Final Thoughts

It’s recommended that you at least consider trying the Driving Fear Program, especially as it offers a full money-back guarantee. However, if you think your anxiety and fear is more of a deep-rooted issue, it’s recommended you seek professional help before signing up for the program.

Designed to assist with eliminating your fear with driving, it could be something that changes your life for the better, and the Driving Fear Program reviews state that it can be helpful in many situations.