How to Get Confidence in Driving

How to Get Confidence in Driving

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If you live in an urban town or a city, chances are most of the people you know are driving a car. And, while that was not the case about 100 years ago, things have changed a lot since then. Now a car is the best way to go from point A to point B.

What do we mean – the best way? Well, to start, it is quite cheap. Once you have bought your vehicle and paid for registration, you pay nothing but gasoline and insurance, which is quite cheap given US standards.

Plus, unless you end up in a traffic jam, a car will get you to your desired location quickly and easily. Still, with more people driving, more car accidents happen, and while the percentage of a serious one might not be high, some people still develop a fear of driving. And that is okay.

What Causes Driving Fear in the First Place

If you have your driving license but for some reason, you are afraid to sit behind the wheel, don’t worry, it is quite common, and it is not something that you can’t cope with. Now, while some people develop driving anxiety due to a variety of external factors, lacking confidence isn’t that big of a problem and can be solved with increased practice, as well as positive affirmation.

You have to realize that, although driving has certain risks, you are in the control of the vehicle and as long as you are focused and calm, everything will be fine.

What Causes Driving Fear in the First Place?

Whether you have developed a fear of driving or you simply aren’t confident enough to sit behind the wheel and get on the road, there are few causes that might be underlying this problem. If you have developed a fear, it can either be due to a general anxiety that you feel in any kind of uncomfortable situation (it is your brain that plays tricks on you). However, if you have a lack of confidence, it is not something that will be hard to solve, and it just takes more practice and a better overall mindset toward driving.

If you had confidence at first only to later lose it due to the fact that you were a part of a driving accident or you witnessed one, you should know that these things happen and that you should still do your best to think about all the benefits of driving. In the end, you are in charge, and in more than 99% of your driving experiences, you will be absolutely safe from any kind of negative outcome.

Getting Your Confidence Back on Track

Now, in order to regain your confidence, you will have to confront your driving fears and anxiety. Our recommendation is to take a look at the Driving Fear Program which will allow you to learn more about the reasons for your fear, and how to confront it. After you accept the problem, it is time to stand up and solve it.

Firstly, if you are just getting behind the wheel, you might want to have someone experienced by your side. Whether it is your friend or a family member, it should be someone with a full driving license, and a person that has a positive attitude towards driving. With them around, you will feel more safe and confident about your driving and the whole experience. In a matter of just a few weeks, you will be confident enough to go for a ride all by yourself. It takes a little time, but having a positive and calming person around you to change your whole mindset.

Along with that, if it has been a long time since you last sat behind a wheel, it might be best to sign up for and attend a driving course. It is going to be no more than a few classes of practice, and believe us, it will be worth it. You will remember the skills you once had, and having an instructor by your side will allow you to feel safe. Also, in case you have any insecurities or questions about driving, your professional instructor is there at your service.

Getting Your Confidence Back on Track

When confronting a driving fear, we usually recommend that you get out of your comfort zone, but if it has been a long time since your last driving experience, it might be the best to play it safe and start by driving during the daytime. While it is important to regain your nighttime driving skills as well, it might take a few rides before you get your confidence back on track, and until that happens, there is no reason to risk your confidence. There is no need to rush – take it to step by step and you will be confident before you even realize it.

One of our best suggestions is to make your car a comfortable and relaxing environment. Whether it means that you play some relaxing music, or slightly opening your windows, do what feels good and try to enjoy it. Apart from that, practicing abdominal breathing during your driving may be an excellent way to calm yourself down and to improve your focus. Abdominal breathing is a great way to get your energy flowing, as well as to improve your mind-to-body connection.

Lastly, as the Driving Fear Program suggests, it is important to get back on your horse. What does that mean? Well, even if things don’t go as smoothly as you might have expected, it is important not to put out the white flag. Instead, learn from your mistakes, and try to enjoy the recovery process.

Final Thoughts

Being a good driver is a thing that requires practice and confidence, and if you have lost yours, it is time to get it back. It is not hard – instead of running away from the problem, go ahead and confront it. In a matter of a few weeks, you will be back on track, enjoying your car and all the benefits that come with regular driving.